Phishing test customized

A phishing test will train your employees to spot phishing emails. It will also give insight into the danger that your organization faces when it comes to phishing. We have developed our own phishing simulation with which we simulate a phishing attack. We will work out a customized scenario with you that focuses on a logical development or action within your organization, which will give you insight into the actions and knowledge of your employees.

Included are 100 e-mail boxes. Would you like to include more e-mail addresses in the phishing simulation? You can. You can order extra bundles of e-mail addresses. With 1 bundle you have 25 extra e-mail addresses that you can include in the phishing test. Order the extra bundle of email addresses for the phishing test via this link.

1,200.00 Price excl. VAT


Most cyber attacks within companies and organizations start with a simple email. By means of phishing, hackers often manage to obtain login credentials that sometimes allow them to access sensitive information. To prevent you from becoming a victim of phishing, we simulate such an attack to find out the weak spots in your organization.

In consultation with you we will work out a scenario that fits your needs. Then we will run the phishing test ourselves from our own platform. During the test several actions will be registered. Afterwards we will send you a report that has been drawn up by an independent and CISSP-certified auditor. The phishing test can therefore be used for compliance purposes.

The phishing test of Fraud Detector:

  • Can be run without having to install software yourself.
  • Has several standard scenarios.
  • Can be tailored to meet any specific needs, such as mimicking your own login portal.
  • Takes part of the password policy. Full passwords are instantly made invisible to us.
  • Is a simple and quick way to gain insight into the resilience against this form of Internet fraud.

It is possible to take multiple tests at different times. In this case a reduced rate applies.

The Fraud Detector phishing test is only available to customers who have taken Extended Validation.