FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Fraud Detector is a Dutch initiative, aimed at making the internet safer. We do this by combating Internet fraud. The goal is to become a platform where advice, information and services are combined in the field of internet fraud prevention. Our main tool for consumers is our website test with which anyone can test the reliability of any European website within moments.

Few services of this nature still focus specifically on Europe. Many fake websites run outside of Europe. These can therefore be detected more quickly by our website test. In addition, European companies must comply with European laws and regulations. When a company within Europe is guilty of fraud, it is easier to trace.

Internet fraud has been growing increasingly every year, and is causing more damage every year. Both businesses and consumers are falling victim to cyber criminals. Fraud Detector tries to prevent Internet fraud by providing a number of services. With our website test, consumers can detect fake websites and thus avoid transferring their money to a shady company that does not deliver the product.

The initiator behind Fraud Detector is a Dutch cybercrime research company, BSM Business Security Management B.V. This company has been conducting cybercrime investigations and providing advice, particularly to companies, since 2004.