Email SPF-test

Fraud Detector has developed a free and easy-to-use email SPF-test. With this, you can test if your email is set up correctly and if spammers can abuse your email address.

How does the email SPF-test work?

You can send an email from any device (laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.) to:

[email protected]

You can also press the green button ‘Email test’. Within a few seconds, up to a maximum of a few minutes, you will receive the test results in your mailbox. You will be able to read for each device whether the email is set up correctly. Did you not receive a test result, or do you think the result is incorrect? Wait about one hour and check your own spam box. Have you still not received an email? Contact us by sending us an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.

You will never receive unsolicited emails from us.

Do you have a business and is the result for one or more devices not positive? Click here to go to the possibilities for solving technical problems.

Possible outcomes of the email test:

Dark green (1) or light green (2):

Your email is set up properly. Spammers can’t use your email address and your email will arrive well to your contacts, friends, and customers.

Yellow (3):

Your SPF record is present in the email and the DNS server, but not set strictly enough. Your email will arrive, but spammers can use your email address too easily.

Orange (4): 

Your email will most likely not arrive properly, but spammers cannot abuse your email address.

Red (5):

Your email will likely end up in the spam box, or not arrive at all. Spammers can easily abuse your email address by distributing spam and virus emails through your email address.