Fraud Detector for companies and organizations

Our services and options for companies

Fraud Detector fights against internet fraud. We provide various services to companies that can contribute to this fight. Simultaneously can companies help us to combat internet fraud.

See below for the possibilities for companies and organizations. Do you want to show customers you are reliable? Check out our Extended Validation. Do you want to prevent your company from becoming a victim of phishing? Check out our phishing test. With this test we test the system and your employees. Additionally we make your employees aware of the dangers of email phishing. Want to know what your IP address is and more? Check out this page.

Fraud Detector services give reliability

More and more consumers are falling victim to internet fraud. Product are not what they should be, or are not delivered at all. How do consumers know where they can safely buy products via the internet? With our website test you can check whether a website is reliable or not. With the advice we give, we can warn or reassure customers about the reliability of a website.

Would you like your company get the best score in our website tests? With our Extended Validation service you will inspire confidence in your customers. After a manual check, you will be assigned the highest result so customers know your website is trustworthy. Paying for this service helps us to maintain and expand our services. This way we help each other and prevent internet fraud together. If you have any questions about Extended Validation, or any other services, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Website test

For companies we have built a free website test. Easily check whether a webshop or website is reliable and whether your data remains in Europe.

Donate as a company

Would you like to make a donation to support our initiative? With your donation we can keep our services available, further develop and update them.

Overview of services by Fraud Detector for companies and organizations

On this page you find an overview of services we deliver that have to do with reliability and safety of websites and email configurations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.