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Extended Validation small

With Extended Validation from Fraud Detector, you have a way of showing customers that you are reliable. When you achieve a positive score in our website test, the chance that customers will buy products from you increases. Your contribution to our service therefore has a commercial advantage for you. Extended Validation Small is intended for small companies (up to 250 employees) who want to show their reliability to their customers through an annual contribution.

90.00 Price excl. VAT


After registration and validation by Fraud Detector staff, and if your website meets our requirements, you will be added.

What advantages does Extended Validation offer?

  • The website test gives a dark green result, which shows trustworthiness to customers.
  • Your company can use the logo.
  • The demonstrable trust ensures that customers are more likely to purchase products.
  • Customers know that their data remains within Europe.
  • You can use additional services such as the phishing test.
  • If you wish, you can be included in the list of companies participating in EV.
  • You help to create a safer internet within Europe.

What is your contribution used for?

  • Your payment links your bank account to your company name. This provides us with an extra identity check and lets us know if the name of the account holder matches the company name on the website.
  • With your contribution we can pay the developers and servers to keep our services available and improve them.

When Large/Small Extended Validation?

  • You can choose Extended Validation small for URLs with up to 251 employees.
  • From 251 employees and upwards, Extended Validation Large applies to your company organization.
  • If you have multiple URLs for which you want to get Extended Validation, Extended Validation Large applies.