About Fraud Detector

Fraud Detector is a Dutch-owned initiative aimed at making the Internet safer by combating Internet fraud. The goal is to become a centralized platform where advice, information, and services are combined in the field of internet fraud prevention. We want to make our services as accessible as possible, both in price and in use. The website and e-mail test will therefore remain available free of charge. After we have gained enough knowledge and experience in the Netherlands with validating the companies behind the websites, we want to make our services available for the rest of Europe.

Why Fraud Detector?

Internet fraud is becoming bigger and more relevant every year. Few initiatives effectively combat Internet fraud. Some many websites and organizations provide information on this subject, but this information is not equally understandable or accessible to everyone. It is not always clear where to start checking and what the purpose of a website is. Not only is there a lack of good initiatives against Internet fraud within the Netherlands, but this also applies throughout Europe. We want to change this. We want an accessible platform where you can easily check websites for reliability, check your email settings, and more. This way you don’t have to search the internet for information anymore, but you can easily come to us.

Our resources:

The first thing we have developed is the website test. Here you can check the reliability of websites. We developed this because there were no suitable possibilities to do this within Europe yet. Existing tests usually only work within the U.S., are very technical, or focus on other issues such as search engine findability. With our website test, you can check how reliable a website is within mere moments. Our system learns dynamically; the more people use our website test, the better our test gets.

The second thing we have developed is the email test. This allows you to check if your email settings are configured correctly. This is important to know for companies, but for individuals it is also useful to use. You can check if your mail arrives properly at your contacts. You can also see if malicious persons can abuse your email address by sending spam messages on your behalf.

Our earnings model:

For individuals, our services will remain free of charge. For companies, we do provide some services that have to be paid for. Companies can pay for the opportunity to be verified by us through Extended Validation. This shows a company that it is reliable and approachable to visitors. We will use the revenue we get from this to improve the website and make our tests more accurate. Extended Validation allows businesses to attract more customers, allows individuals to use our services for free, and allows us to improve our services.

Our team:

The initiator behind Fraud Detector is a Dutch cybercrime research company, BSM Business Security Management B.V. This company has been doing cybercrime investigations and providing consulting, especially to companies, since 2004. With Fraud Detector, part of the knowledge of the researchers of BSM is also available to individuals. The employees of Fraud Detector are screened through BSM and are supervised by the special laws department of the police. The company is licensed (POB 1104) by the Dutch Ministry of Justice to conduct cybercrime investigations.