What is my IP address?

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What is an IP address?

To make it possible for computers to find and identify each other they need their own number. An IP address is a number that makes the computer visible to all other computers on the Internet. This is similar to how phones find each other by using a phone number. An IP address is usually associated with a company or agency. For home networks, this means that the IP address identifies their Internet service provider.

The IP address is important to know to see if your modem is already working with a modern IPv6 address or the older IPv4 address. In addition, it can be important if you want to share services on the Internet yourself. The IP address must also be known for security techniques such as IP whitelisting: only allowing certain IP addresses to appear on, for example, a login screen.

Is my IP address dynamic?

You can check this too. If you come back to this website in a few days, your IP address may be different. If you are looking at the website from the same device at that time, your IP address is probably dynamic: it changes regularly. This is good to know because it helps protect your privacy.

Usually, IP addresses of business connections are fixed. This has to do with IP-whitelisting. IP-whitelisting is not possible with a dynamic IP address. Private homes often have dynamic IP addresses. In the Netherlands and Belgium, the IP address will often only change when the modem is turned off and on, or when you switch internet providers.

More information, such as explanations of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, can be found on this wiki page.