Request Extended Validation from Fraud Detector

Prove the reliability of your website and increase sales. Cheaper than a trustmark and simultaneously you are helping to make the European Internet safer.

The advantages of Extended Validation

Fraud Detector can help companies show reliability through Extended Validation. Consumers need to know if they can safely purchase a product. If a website comes across as untrustworthy, people often do not purchase the product. Our website test checks websites for reliability. If consumers test your website and see a dark green result, this may convince the consumer to buy the product. This shows the consumer that your website is safe and that you as a company can be trusted. As a company, you can get that done by taking Extended Validation with us.

By taking Extended Validation at Fraud Detector:

  • You are verified for reliability.
  • You can use our logo to express your trustworthiness.
  • Your website will have a dark green result that attracts extra visitors, and thus potential customers.
  • You can be included in the list of participating companies.
  • Additional services such as the phishing test will become available for your company or organization.


Extended Validation is different from a trustmark. A trustmark offers static information and is easy to falsify. In addition, it is often no longer clear to consumers what is reliable due to the abundance of trustmarks that now exist. Our website test, on the other hand, is a concrete check of several aspects such as the age of the website, the certificate, and whether a secure connection is made. The result of the test cannot be faked by malicious persons. In addition, the result is clear to the consumer.

Our website test is now widely used daily. Many fake websites have been detected and possible Internet fraud has been prevented. By taking Extended Validation, you support us in our fight against Internet fraud. With this revenue, we can continue to pay our staff, servers, and databases to keep our service available to everyone. In addition, we can expand our services to improve this website.

After you register, your business will be manually checked. If your business is not approved you will be given the option to improve the website with points of improvement provided by us or to stop the validation. If you choose to stop the validation you will receive a full refund.

Do you want to register one website and do you have a small company? Choose the EV small. Do you want to register several website addresses at once? Then choose the EV large.