Report a fraud website

Help us make Europe digitally safer! Report a fraud website to us to prevent damage to others.

How to report a fraud website?

You can report a fraud website by filling in the form below. Each submission will be reviewed manually. If we think the report is justified they will be added to the blacklist. 

You can choose to leave your email adress. We will use your email address to communicate about the site you have reported. Forms with an email address will be processed earlier, but reported sites without leaving your email address will be reviewed as well.

Form for reporting fraud websites

Explanation for the form:

You can report websites that you think are fake or fraudulent.

What can you not report?

  • Websites that are not in a European language and/or are hosted outside Europe. If necessary, do our website test first to see if the website is hosted in Europe. Exceptions to this are websites originating in the U.S. We can make statements about these.
  • Trading platforms that are genuine but where you have suffered losses, for example, eBay or Marktplaats. Always report fraud on a trading platform to the organization itself.
  • We do not register the senders of telephone calls, e-mails, Whatsapp messages, or other communication channels. If you are lured to a fake website by such a message, we would like to hear this from you.

At this time we do not cooperate with investigative agencies or the police. If you have suffered damage we recommend that you also report it to the police.