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Fraud Detector

Fraud Detector

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Summary of news article:

Fraud Detector has a new website for consumers and businesses to provide even clearer tips and to check whether a webshop or website is reliable.

Check if a website is legit on our new website

Fraud Detector has a new website that allows you to check if a website is legit. Fraud Detector has undergone some innovations including a new design, logo and new texts. We hope that this has improved the ease of use. Also, the English and Dutch website have been separated to better serve the different language areas. We are now officially out of beta, and ready to advise visitors on Internet fraud. We provide certain services to companies against payment.

Fraud Detector has now welcomed over 50,000 visitors. Many of these visitors have made use of our website test. With our website test, you can check if a webshop or website is legit. After entering the URL, you will see an advice, which will give you an idea of the reliability of the website. With an accuracy of 98% our website test has detected many fake websites entered by visitors. With this, our website test has potentially prevented a lot of damage. Together with your help, we are making the Internet a safer place.

Companies are given the opportunity to use Extended Validation to demonstrate their reliability to visitors. For a small price, they are checked and visibly verified. In addition, companies can use our phishing test. With this, companies can test both their email system and the behavior of their employees without the need to install any software.
Fraud Detector will always continue to work to improve and expand its services and advice. There are some services that are being worked on, so be sure to keep visiting our website to not miss out.

Previously, our logo was:

The old logo.

Now our logo has been changed to the digital globe:

Fraud Detector for checking reability of websites en more
The new Fraud Detector logo.

Elements of the old logo are still used in our website test, in which every day more and more visitors check webshops and websites for reliability.