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Fraud Detector

Fraud Detector

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Summary of news article:

The Extension of Fraud Detector was available in Dutch for about a year but now it is also available in English. From now on you can check if a website is reliable with only 2 clicks.

Google Chrome extension now also available in English

Over a year ago we launched our own Google Chrome extension. This extension enables you to very conveniently test websites on their reliability. With just two clicks of your mouse, you can test the reliability of a website.  


Every day our aim is to make the internet a safer place so that everyone can enjoy their time online. Hence, we have got good news. Our Chrome extension is now not only available in Dutch, but also in English! 


This extension is very easy to install for everyone. The first step is to search for Fraud Detector in the Chrome Web store, or you can click on this link.  When you have found the extension, you can add it to your browser by clicking on the blue button in the upper right corner. 


After you have added the extension, you can efficiently test different websites in Google Chrome: right-click on your screen and a small menu will open. Choose the option ‘Test the reliablilty of the current website’. The result of the website will be visible on your screen after the websitetest is done.