Register your (new) website for free

The website test of Fraud Detector works with a fully automated script. However, with new websites, there may not always be enough information available for the script to provide an accurate result. Here, you can sign up your website for free. We will then verify the result and make manual adjustments if necessary. You can also opt in to receive updates from Fraud Detector along with information about your website. This way, you can see how many times your website has been tested.

*To verify that the website indeed belongs to you, we have a requirement for every email address provided.

The domain of the email address must match the website’s domain, or the email address must be listed on the website. Otherwise, we cannot be sure if the website truly belongs to you. In such cases, we won’t process the registration. We will inform you if this is the case.

Fraud Detector is primarily run by volunteers, so we cannot guarantee processing all registrations. If you want to ensure an accurate result, you can consider the Extended Validation option. By choosing this, you support us, and your website will be demonstrably checked for reliability.

Would you like a dark green result for your website to demonstrate its reliability?

This is possible with Extended Validation of Fraud Detector. We verify if the website complies with security standards and more. If so, we display the result as dark green, allowing you to show all your potential customers that your website is trustworthy. By choosing this option, you also support an initiative against internet fraud. All revenues are entirely reinvested into Fraud Detector, enabling us to reach more people and make the internet a bit safer every day.